Marble and Granite in Oakville Are Solid Home Decor Options

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Marble or Granite is a query many Oakville home owners might have when it comes to refinishing their kitchens. Whether there is a right or wrong answer is a matter of research and design. Marble and granite are solid choices in any Oakville home. Marble and granite have many similarities, but they also have differences as well. Choosing whether to use marble or granite in your home in Oakville may just be a matter of preference or practicality. If one is more or less suitable to your home finishing project will depend on where, and what it will be used for. Researching each stone and speaking to a professional natural stone retailer is a great place to start your discovery of marble and granite in Oakville.


Marble is a metamorphic rock comprised of recrystallized minerals, mainly limestone, calcite or dolomite. Marble is primarily white with slight striations of a darker almost grey colour. It can come in a variety other colours as well. It is not uncommon to see marble slabs that are black, dark grey, emerald green or even earthy tones such as beige or brown.  Marble that is mined from different parts of the world will most certainly have interesting and unique colours that are native to that area. Marble is a natural stone, and therefore you will never find two pieces that are exactly alike. The beauty and unique nature of marble has made it a very popular choice to add to the decor of any home. Marble is a softer stone that is used for many applications around the home such as countertops, flooring, wall tiles or tub surrounds. The soft nature of this stone also makes it a popular material for sculptures and tile accent pieces.


Granite is an igneous rock that is formed when hot magma deep below the earth’s crust begins to cool and crystalize and the pressure forces it in to the solid rock formation that many people have come to love as gorgeous accents to their home’s interior design. Similar to marble, granite comes in a wide variety of colours that is also dependant on where the granite is mined from. Other minerals that are present during the formation of the granite will give it the unique colours, markings and designs that make granite such a luxurious stone. Granite is also a unique natural stone. Slabs cut from the same rock will never look exactly alike. Because of this, many people prefer to purchase granite slabs rather than tiles for their countertops.

Marble vs. Granite

Marble and granite are both natural stones and while they have many similarities, there are many differences as well. Knowing these differences could help you to decide which stone is a better option for your home’s design. Granite is a much harder stone than marble, and therefore it is an excellent option for many applications. It is also much heavier. Granite is also more durable and can withstand every day wear and tear. That being said, granite’s weight does mean that care has to be taken to ensure stability of the areas it will be installed. Marble however is lighter, and it can be sealed regularly to allow it to withstand the everyday uses it will be put through. Whichever you decide on, you will be quite happy knowing that the beauty and durability of your chosen natural stone will last a lifetime.